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Before you can start learning to drive or take the Theory Test or Practical Driving Test, you need to apply for a provisional drivers licence.

What is a Provisional Drivers Licence?

The provisional drivers licence gives you the permission to drive on the UK roads (excluding motorways) whilst under the supervision of your driving instructor or another driver over the age of 21 who has held a full drivers licence for a minimum of three years.

The licence will be required when taking your Theory Test and Practical Driving Test and will also be needed on your first driving lesson.

Age and Eyesight requirements

In order to apply for your provisional licence you must be a resident of Great Britain and at least 16 years and 10 months of age (meaning you can apply for your licence two months before your 17th birthday). You must also have sufficient eyesight to be able to read a standard number plate from 20 metres.


Complete the secure online form at www.gov.uk .
You will need to have a Biometric Passport to do this.
A credit or debit card to pay the £34 fee.

Complete the D1 application form, which is available from the DVLA or your local Post Office.
You will need to send off your Passport or EU Identity card. If you are from outside of Europe you also need to send a Visa that confirms you have permission to live in the UK.

You need to supply a full colour “Passport” photo 45x35cm.

A cheque or postal order for £43 payable to DVLA.

Once your licence application is received by the DVLA it usually takes approximately three weeks for it to be created and delivered, therefore it could be advised to send off your application early if you wish to start learning to drive straight after your 17th birthday.

You now are the holder of a provisional drivers licence, remember to take your licence with you when setting out on your first driving lesson or when taking any of the driving tests. Once you have passed your driving test, your licence will be exchanged for a full drivers licence free of charge.