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Before you can legally drive a car on public roads in the UK, you must obtain a Provisional Driving Licence, and use a vehicle that has the appropriate Vehicle Excise Duty paid (Road Tax), is adequately Insured for a learner driver, and if it’s over 3 years old, has a valid MOT certificate.

Until you pass your Practical driving test, you are only allowed to drive on the road accompanied by an experienced driver.


Before you can book your Practical Driving Test, you must pass a Theory Test which is made up of two parts: A set of 50 multiple choice questions and a video based hazard perception test. This can be taken before or while you are taking your driving lessons.


If you take driving lessons with an instructor and pay for them, you must ensure that the instructor is either an Authorised Driving Instructor (ADI) or a Provisional Driving Instructor (PDI). ADIs and PDIs are registered with the DVSA and are the only driving instructors who can legally charge for driving lessons. ADIs will display a green octagonal badge, while PDIs who are in the final stages of qualifying will display a pink triangular badge. All ADIs will have passed three rigorous exams and are tested on an ongoing basis at least every four years.

The DVSA recommend that new drivers undertake a minimum of 40 hours of instruction with a driving instructor and if possible, at least 20 hours of other driving.

Your driving lessons with Crossroads Driving School, will be geared towards driving safely and not just to passing your Practical Driving Test .


When you AND your instructor think that you have enough knowledge and experience to pass your test, you can book your Practical Driving Test. Be aware that if you book it without consulting your instructor, you may find that he is unavailable on your chosen day and you may have to either use your own vehicle, or find an available instructor at short notice (not easy!!). You may have to wait some time for a driving test, so occasionally an instructor may encourage you to book your test well in advance.