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Information for you to consider when your children are thinking of learning to drive

How much will it cost and how long will it take?

This has to be the question on most parents’ minds!

An average of £60 for a 2hr lesson tends to invoke a sharp intake of breath! Especially when the DVSA recommend an average of 44 hours of driving lessons, plus 22 hours in private tuition. This means that you have to be prepared to fork out a minimum of £1000 on driving lessons.

Can’t I reduce the cost and time somehow?

Remember that you are engaging the services of a professional Driving Instructor who wants the best for your children, but who also has a business to run with quite considerable overheads! Those overheads are about the same as for a taxi driver…..I wonder what the going rate would be to hire a taxi for 2hrs?

Your child’s Driving Instructor has the necessary abilities to pass on driving skills which will be essential on today’s crowded roads.

You need to think very carefully, before deciding to cut corners in an area which is vital to the safety of your child, and during which they need to learn “Safe Driving For Life”, not just how to pass their driving test.

Oh, and by the way, 17 and 18yr olds have a tendency to “forget” when their lessons are booked for and arrange other activities which seem far more important in their life! Unfortunately most driving schools, CROSSROADS included, will charge for missed lessons, so perhaps a quick look at their appointment card to transfer lesson dates and times to the “household” diary might not be a bad idea!

If all Driving Instructors are taught to the same standard, why shouldn’t I go for the cheapest?

Lots of driving schools offer discounts for students and for block bookings, but some have offers that seem too good to be true. “£50 for 5 lessons” - I wonder if that driving school will still be in business by the time your child is ready for their driving test?? I wonder what they will skimp on in order to survive?? I wonder whether their “lessons” are an hour long, and whether you’ll be paying a lot more in the long run??

What should I concentrate on when I take my child out driving?

Your child’s Driving Instructor should keep you up to date on their progress. At CROSSROADS Driving School, they will be given a record card charting which activities they have undertaken and how well they are progressing. PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask if there are areas you would like more information about. If there is a particular skill that you don’t feel you are able to continue into a private lesson with your child, you’d be more than welcome to sit in on a lesson (with your child’s agreement!). Your child will learn quicker if we all work as a team!